Diane Hendricks – ABC Supply’s Astonishing Leader

How America’s Richest Self-Made Woman Guided Her Company To Record Highs After The Sudden Loss Of Her Husband

diane hendricks

“[You] don’t have to change your goal. Change your path, be willing to, and don’t see that as a failure. That’s just life.”

  • Have a plan in place
    • “A goal without a plan is just a wish”
    • Have this plan written out and communicated to the people of the organization
    • Practice this plan or use it as a training mechanism within the company
  • Do more with less
    • Become more efficient with your systems and processes
    • Ask your team to do extra, beyond their normal daily responsibilities
    • Reward your people for doing extra work
      • Both extrinsically and intrinsically
  • Do not be afraid to take risks
    • However, calculate those risks
    • If giving away part of the company, insure a buy back plan if viable and desired
  • Community involvement is so important
    • Helps with company image and perception
    • Can create programs to train the future of your industry
      • This idea ensures longevity and possible retention of employees, for those impacted by the type of service provided to the community
    • Provides invaluable intrinsic value to the company, people and personal
    • Promotes empowerment of your people, which in turn, encourages retention

Five Steps to Generating Leads Through Content

Interesting read on marketing and promoting your business online through social media platforms, while also engaging with your prospect and customers

online marketing

1. Accumulate and Repurpose Current Information

2. Sharing and Promoting Regularly

3. Search the Web, Including Competitors, for Ideas

4. Share Exciting and Important News with Local Media

5. Engage on Social Media



Advantages of a Multi-Skilled Crew

Here at Pinkston-Tadd, Inc. we proudly boast about our staff and the different skill sets they own, especially our roofers. From pipe-fitting to certified welding, carpentry and even sheet metal fabrication, our staff can troubleshoot and handle most any task they run in to. These photos below show a recent job we completed here in the Chicago-land area:

  1. Removal and covering of mechanical air unit (MAU)
  2. Custom guard rail w/ custom hand rail for safe & easy access in and out of hatch
  3. Custom safety ladder cage welded to the existing ladder w/steel welded steel plate for extra footing (right corner on inside of hatch)


Safety is always the #1 priority for our roofers. Evidence can be found through the use of harnesses, safety around the roof hatch, safety yellow applied to the rails and ladder cage, the ‘Warning’ sign glued to the inside of the hatch, and so on.

Be sure to check us out at http://www.pinkstontadd.com


or email us at customerservice@pinkstontadd.com