What Do Clients Look For?


In the commercial/industrial roofing industry and in many cases, the residential housing market; customers evaluate different metrics or criterion that ultimately effect and lead them to their decision on who will install the new or replaced roof system in question and what type. After a study done through a series of interviews, “Roofing Contractor” -A publisher of The International Roofing Expo, determined that clients look for these things when determining the direction they should move with their roof replacement or repair:

  1. Obtaining a durable and long lasting roof
  2. Overall life cycle
  3. Install cost in overall performance

However, to even have the opportunity to get in the door and have a conversation with a “real” decision maker, it is important for a roofer to be able to network well enough and maintain positive relationships with past clients, businesses and local organizations, so that they can receive positive recommendations and reviews that will ultimately aide in the ‘warm’ connect.

What a roofing contractor needs to win a bid:

  1. Competitive pricing (however it’s not the most important!)
  2. Recommendations from various networks and businesses or individuals
  3. Listening skills to provide the correct selection of roofing need
  4. EXPERTISE & KNOWLEDGE of a multitude of roof systems, install methods, energy savings and other associated costs
  5. Strong partnerships or positive relationships with multiple suppliers and manufacturers

If a roofing contractor can show these different skills and provide the proper information when necessary, they can most definitely expect a higher return rate and wins on their proposals bid.

If looking for a great contractor in the Northern Illinois area, please reach out to us (Pinkston-Tadd, Inc.) for your commercial and industrial needs. (815) 756-9700 – Call today for a FREE survey and estimate.

We are a level 1 roofing contractor in the State of Illinois, fully licensed, bonded and insured. Approved to install all the major manufacturer products as well.


Other sources for this publication include: http://www.roofingcontractor.com/articles/91729-principia-study-a-closer-look-at-commercial-roofing

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